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Counselling - Support - Solidarity

We, the Opferberatung Rheinland (OBR), advise and support those affected by right-wing, racist, anti-Semitic and other forms of group-focused violence in the Rhineland (districts of Cologne and Düsseldorf) after an attack, their social environment and witnesses.

Right-wing, racist, anti-semitic and other forms of group-focused violence is understood as acts of violence based on ideologies of inequality, e.g. racism (including all forms of racism, e.g. anti-Black, anti-Asian and anti-Muslim racism as well as racism against Sinti and Roma and also against refugees), anti-Semitism, anti-queer violence (against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter, queer and asexual people [LGBTQIA+] - or people who are attributed to any of these sexual orientations or gender identities) and Social Darwinism (e.g. against homeless people or people who are associated as such). Added to this is ableism (against people with disabilities and impairments); violence against non-rights; and violence against political opponents, including journalists and political leaders. Acts of violence include violence more narrowly, means in a criminal law sense as well as criminal threats or physical, psychological and digital threats with massive consequences for those affected or repeated threats.

We support you if you or people close to you are offended, threatened or attacked by right-wing, racist, anti-semitic and other forms of group-focused violence: We offer you a safe space to talk about your experiences and we help you to cope with the effects of right-wing, racist, anti-semitic and other forms of group-focused, misanthropic violence to gain new perspectives and possibilities.

We offer legal advice (even without a criminal complaint to the police) and - by request - accompany you to the police or other authorities. We organize medical or therapeutic help, put you in contact with lawyers or interpreters and - by request - we advocate public solidarity with you. We are always geared to your needs. You decide which steps you want to take.

We counsel you

  • confidential
  • on site
  • free of charge
  • by request anonymously
  • independently from authorities
  • by taking your side

0178 / 8 11 39 00

e-mail: info(at)opferberatung-rheinland.de
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